Take control of your appearance.

More than 56 million men and women nation-wide suffer from hair loss at some point in their life.

The NeoGraft technique offers a natural, effective and permanent solution – no wigs, hair plugs, chemicals or invasive surgeries required.

Safe, Natural, Effective – Permanent!

Using top-of-the-line hair transplant technology, you can grow a head of your own, wholly natural hair in as little as six months.

Avoid the limitations to styling imposed by synthetic hair, as well as the risk of linear scars from out-of-date hair transplant techniques. Schedule your consultation today!

About NeoGraft

Safe and Effective Procedures

Safe and Effective

We use pneumatic pressure, not scalpels, to transplant your hair. This minimizes patient discomfort and avoids damaging hair follicles, making the transplant more effective.

Natural Results

Natural Results

Your hair will look and feel natural because it is! Grow your own hair and cut, dye or style it as you would normally. Best of all, it's permanent.

Simple One-Day Procedure

One-Day Procedures

Out-of-date procedures can leave you with long recovery times and garish linear scarring. Not so with us. Get back to your life as soon as the day after your procedure.

I was advised to look into the NeoGraft FUE system. It was exactly the answer for me and I am thrilled! The procedure was so darn easy to tolerate. Recovery was a breeze. The NeoGraft staff were great. They delivered on every promise made.
"There was no downtime or scarring and, in fact, the NeoGraft team of experts fixed my old linear scarring. A half dozen of my friends have already signed to have the procedure done, too. I highly recommend the NeoGraft procedure to any and everyone."
I felt like I received superb outstanding 5-star treatment from your whole staff. The technicians did an excellent job listening to me before the procedure. They both were very professional, patient and hardworking and they made sure I was comfortable at all times.