The Benefits of NeoGraft Dallas Hair Transplant

NeoGraft Dallas is the Dallas-Fort Worth area’s premiere hair replacement treatment center. Our compassionate and professional staff has helped set the gold standard for follicular unit extraction in the United States—and helped hundreds of patients regain their self-confidence. If you are considering professional treatment for your hair loss or for female- or male-pattern balding, let us show you what we offer. We’re proud of our skills, our reputation and our substantial base of satisfied customers. We hope you’ll be one of them!

Hair loss can be a sensitive topic for many people, whether it’s hair shedding due to medical causes, genetic issues like premature balding or simply the effects of aging. We are dedicated to providing a compassionate and professional space for you to ask questions, discuss options and ultimately choose the path that will help you look and feel your best. We want the best for our clients; that’s why we are proud to offer the best trained technicians, the best patient experience and, of course, the best results!

Safe and Effective Procedures

Safe and Effective

Our technicians have been rigorously trained in the NeoGraft hair replacement method. By combining classic hair transplant techniques with state-of-the-art technology, we can guarantee a hair restoration procedure that is safer, less painful and more effective than traditional multi-follicle or strip hair transplant methods. Because a greater portion of healthy hair follicles survive our process, we are able to provide you with a thicker, more covered head of natural hair than other methods.

Natural Results

Natural Hair Growth

Better than toupees, spray-ons or synthetic hair transplants, NeoGraft Dallas' procedure lets you cover balding or thin areas with your own natural hair. By transplanting healthy follicles from areas with thicker hair growth, NeoGraft Dallas gives you the best possible density of hair coverage. You’ll be free to grow and style your hair without restrictions. Feel confident knowing that your natural looking hair is exactly that: all natural.

Simple One-Day Procedure

Expedited Procedures

Our procedure causes minimal pain, is effective and takes very little time. Patients can be in and out the same day—and many are back to work the next day! The NeoGraft Dallas staff understands that your time is valuable, so we’ll work with you to answer questions, address concerns and schedule appointments on a timetable that’s convenient for you. Contact us to schedule your hair restoration consultation or to set up an appointment today!

No Scarring or Scalpels

No Scalpel or Sutures

Traditional scalpel-based hair restoration methods depend on harvesting healthy follicles in strips or clumps. This can leave nasty, painful linear scarring on the scalp—sometimes even abscesses. Even when hair grows over these scars, they don't go away. This leaves many patients who prefer shorter hair feeling just as self-conscious as they were before their procedure. At NeoGraft Dallas, our procedure not only minimizes both pain and potential scarring, it is more effective; more than 95% of healthy follicles survive during a NeoGraft transplant, meaning more hair coverage for you!