NeoGraft Dallas Patient Testimonials

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Older man happy with full head of hair working on his laptop.

I started losing my hair in my early thirties. I went to the popular place where they did hair transplants and twice received long incisions on my scalp. Fifteen years later, I wasn’t happy with the results or the scars I received in the process. Then I heard about the NeoGraft procedure. At first I was skeptical, but I decided to have the procedure done. It is the best investment I have ever made. It’s only been a few months and I feel 10 years younger. There was no downtime or scarring and, in fact, their team of experts fixed my old linear scarring. A half dozen of my friends have already signed to have the procedure done, too. I highly recommend the NeoGraft procedure to any and everyone.
From my first phone call with Jennifer about 1-2 weeks before my procedure, then during my initial consult to the day of my hair transplant, and then after my transplant, I felt like I have received superb outstanding 5-star treatment from your whole staff. The technicians did an excellent job listening to me before the procedure and made very good suggestions for distributing 2,500 grafts. They both were very professional, patient and hardworking and they made sure I was comfortable at all times. My hair is looking amazing right now! I plan to post my positive experience online on a hair loss forum to let everyone know that they should come to your office to get the NeoGraft procedure.
I am 49 years old and got sick to my stomach every morning as I’d try harder and harder to cover up the thinning areas on my head. No matter how many times my wife would tell me I’m handsome and she loves me, she knew, for me, it was so much more than that. In doing my homework and talking to many consultant friends, I knew I did not want a big scar that looked like a smile on the back of my head. I would have to keep my hair at a longer length but I wanted to keep my hair short. I was advised to look into the NeoGraft FUE system. It was exactly the answer for me and I am thrilled! The procedure was so darn easy to tolerate. Recovery was a breeze. The NeoGraft team was great. They delivered on every promise made.
From the first meeting with the NeoGraft team I knew I was in good hands. They explained the procedure in detail, explained the process and expectations. The day of my surgery, the staff were extremely courteous and professional. I did not feel nervous at all. I experienced very little discomfort while anesthesia was administered. The rest of the time I was relaxed. Mike, Tony and other staff made me feel at ease. I even watched a movie during the surgery! Overall, the surgery went beyond my expectations. I did not feel any pain during or after the surgery. I did not use prescription pain medication at all, just 2 Tylenol last night for preventative reasons. Today I feel great: some tightness in the front (like a sunburn discomfort), but no pain whatsoever. Thank you again for making my dream surgery come true. I've been wanting to have this surgery for years now, but was always hesitant. Now I know I made the right choice to go forward with the transplant.