Is NeoGraft Hair Transplant Right for You?

Man considering his options about balding.You may be wondering, “How can I tell if a hair transplant procedure is right for me?” After all, when it comes to hair loss remedies, you have access to a number of other options. You could choose to use a topical cream like Rogaine or a hair growth-promoting pill. You could investigate getting surgical hair plugs or a hair graft. You may even be considering a decent quality hair piece. With all these options open to you, weighing the pros and cons of each can be time consuming, even confusing.

The team at NeoGraft Dallas believes that you should make the best hair loss remedy choice for improving your life and your confidence, even if that choice doesn't end up being us. That’s why we are happy to break down the pros and cons of our procedure and even sit down and discuss your options during a hair restoration treatment consultation. If you have questions or concerns about NeoGraft Dallas, we welcome you to speak with us at any time.

Who Can Benefit From a NeoGraft Hair Transplant?

Most people suffering from premature balding, hair shedding, or either female- or male-pattern baldness can benefit from a NeoGraft hair replacement procedure. Due to the noninvasive nature of the procedure, patients who are wary of hair transplant surgery methods such as strip harvesting, hair grafting and follicular unit transplantation can benefit from the extra peace of mind provided by a minimally invasive procedure like the NeoGraft treatment. You can also rest easy knowing that the process will leave no lateral or "pit" scars under your hair.

Because all post-procedure hair growth is your own natural hair, NeoGraft Dallas is also a good option for potential patients who are concerned that other hair treatments might make their new hair growth look unsightly or unnatural. The NeoGraft method allows patients to cut, dye and style their post-procedure hair just as they normally would. There are no restrictions on treatment or length, and your new hair will be permanent.

Who Might Not Benefit from NeoGraft Dallas?

The NeoGraft follicular transplant technique provides a fast, natural, effective and safe way for many people suffering from hair loss to regain their hair and their confidence. However, the technique does depend on potential patients having healthy hair follicles to work as donor follicles. When considering whether or not to pursue a procedure with NeoGraft Dallas, patients should have realistic expectations about their post-procedural hair coverage.

Still, you may be surprised by how much coverage we can get you! We guarantee each client the best hair density possible. If you are concerned about whether you can get the optimal benefit from NeoGraft’s follicular transplant procedure, or if you have any other questions and concerns, please give us a call. Our team is always happy to answer your questions.