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4 Ways Hair Loss Treatment Can Improve Your Quality of Life

hair loss treatment improves quality of life Many men and women suffering from premature hair loss might think to themselves, “Should I really consider investing in hair loss treatment?” It’s a fair question. After all, no matter how much your alopecia or premature balding might bother you, many people are uncomfortable spending money on themselves for something they may see as a... Continue Reading

Is Balding Your Negative Reality?

Balding is a negative reality for many men and women. Given the choice, most people would likely not choose to lose their hair. The emotional aspects of balding can be challenging and stressful for both men and women. Throughout history, attitudes toward baldness have been predominantly negative. Living with baldness can be difficult in a culture that views hair as a sign of youth, virility... Continue Reading

Balding Is a Choice. So Is a Hair Transplant.

Coping with hair loss can be easier with the right support. Why do many men think it’s vain to consider a hair transplant? The fact is, it has little to do with vanity. It’s about what makes you feel good about yourself. If balding is not an issue, you don’t have to worry about it. But if you’re really not happy about losing your hair and... Continue Reading

Hair Loss and Your Self-Confidence

Getting hair loss treatment can help renew your self-confidence. Hair loss might be something you’ve dealt with for years; or it could be the shock of your life when you learn that slowly but surely it’s happening to you. And along with it, you’re losing your self-confidence.   It’s generally more accepted that men may lose their hair, especially as they age. But for... Continue Reading

The Psychology of Hair and Hair Loss

The psychology of hair loss affects patients' day to day lives. For hundreds of generations, hair has been a symbol of wealth, beauty and status. People who followed the trends of the day were accepted and those who departed from the norms were often considered outsiders. Trends like these have made the psychology of hair and hair loss a significant and far-reaching topic. From elaborate wigs... Continue Reading