Hair Loss and Your Self-Confidence

Hair loss might be something you’ve dealt with for years; or it could be the shock of your life when you learn that slowly but surely it’s happening to you. And along with it, you’re losing your self-confidence.  

Getting hair loss treatment can help renew your self-confidence.

It’s generally more accepted that men may lose their hair, especially as they age. But for women it can be a lot more debilitating. That’s not to say that men simply accept their balding. Hair loss causes many men to feel self-conscious about their vanishing hairline.

Hair is like a frame for our face and our face is usually the first thing people notice when we meet them. Faces attract people to one another. A person’s hair is thought to be of equal importance as the eyes and smile upon first encounters. When we describe people, hair along with height and weight usually come to mind.

Confidence and positive self-esteem are closely tied to perceived allure. People naturally associate confidence with feeling in control, and our hair makes a statement. We can change it by cutting, coloring, curling and styling. Healthy hair gives the impression of an organized, well-kept person and when our hair looks great, we usually feel better.

But we all have genetics to deal with.

“My grandmother was one of my favorite persons in the world, but her hair loss and even balding in some places is not something I thought would happen to me. At 33 I started to notice more hair was coming out in my brush, and over the months I saw measurable thinning at my hairline. My first sensation was panic, then disgust. That’s when I started looking for ways to at least stop my thinning hair if not to help grow some of it back. Finding Dr. Malouf and learning about the NeoGraft process gave me hope.”

When follicular unit transplantation (FUE)  became available in the 1990s, it gave hair loss sufferers new hope. Hair restoration had finally arrived in the form of a minimally-invasive, effective solution for hair loss sufferers. Soon after was the development of the NeoGraft device and NeoGraft process, which catapulted hair transplantation to a whole new level.

This breakthrough made it possible to grow new hair, your own hair, transplanted to balding or thinning areas of the scalp. Today it continues to be the most proven, sought-after solution for permanent hair restoration among both men and women.