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posts about Hair Loss and Self-Confidence

A NeoGraft Hair Transplant Gives You Great Hair and More

NeoGraft hair transplant is safe, minimally invasive, and leaves no lateral scars. Hair. What a statement it can make, whether you have lots of it or none at all. Hair is a human feature that distinguishes how we’re perceived by others as well as ourselves. Trends in hairstyles and haircuts motivate us to change our appearance or try something new. And for those who want more hair... Continue Reading

Hair Transplant Surgery: A Life and Career Changer

Hair transplant surgery helps patients regrow their own hair. Challenging, economic conditions make landing the right job or holding onto a good job more difficult than ever. So with competition so intense, you want to look your all-time best for a job interview. It’s more important than ever to be at the top of your game, head to toe. So if you’re experiencing hair... Continue Reading

The Emotional Side of Female Hair Loss

Many women turn to hats and other accessories to hide female hair loss. For some women, what’s supposed to be their crowning glory can be a weighty ball and chain. Losing one’s hair is a confidence-eroding phenomenon. Forty percent of hair loss sufferers are women, and the experience can be particularly devastating for them. Men having hair loss in midlife somewhat expect it and are usually still seen... Continue Reading