Hair Transplant Surgery: A Life and Career Changer

Hair transplant surgery helps patients regrow their own hair.Challenging, economic conditions make landing the right job or holding onto a good job more difficult than ever. So with competition so intense, you want to look your all-time best for a job interview. It’s more important than ever to be at the top of your game, head to toe.

So if you’re experiencing hair loss or hair thinning, you might feel self-conscious and less confident as a result. Popular opinion may not be in your favor either.

According to a recent report, balding men (and women) are less likely to be selected for positions after job interviews than men with full heads of hair. And an article published in Business Insider, says that 63% of men who report hair loss have had negative experiences in their career advancement. Which begs the question: “Why”?

Many people are not even aware that they have biases against bald or balding individuals. A possible explanation for this unwitting discrimination is that hair loss is often associated with aging. We live in a youth obsessed culture and signs of age can work against you in the work place. People dealing with hair loss and balding share comments from their experiences:

  • “Hair loss was affecting my social life and my career.”
  • “My lack of self-confidence was as glaring as my bald head.”
  • “I felt ashamed of how I looked with a balding head.”
  • “Hair loss kept me from doing the things I enjoyed most.”
  • “Instead of going out with friends and family, I stayed home and obsessed about my hair loss.”

The good news is that you can do something about your hair loss. After ten years of research and development, the NeoGraftTM device was created. This patented system refines the hair transplant process, achieving repeatable, aesthetic results.

Dallas NeoGraft physicians have performed 18,000 hair transplants with exceptional results. The procedure does not involve any incisions, suturing or visible scarring and surgical recovery is very fast. The process is 50 percent faster than standard treatments for hair transplant surgery and patients are usually back home or back at work the very next day.

Here’s what just a few patients have to say following their hair transplant surgery:

  • “My enthusiasm for travel and the outdoors has returned!”
  • “People keep telling me how amazing my hair looks.”
  • “When I discovered how different I felt after my hair transplant surgery, I left the corporate world and began a career as a nurse.”
  • “My career has been on the upswing since my hair restoration procedure and I don’t think it’s a coincidence. I feel much more confident in job interviews and it must be showing.”
  • “After my hair transplant surgery, I noticed how the whole shape of my face looked different. I liked the guy looking back at me in the mirror.”

Always check the credentials of the physician doing your hair transplant surgery. Ask how many procedures they have performed and ask to see a portfolio of their patients’ before and after photos.