The Emotional Side of Female Hair Loss

Many women turn to hats and other accessories to hide female hair loss.

For some women, what’s supposed to be their crowning glory
can be a weighty ball and chain.

Losing one’s hair is a confidence-eroding phenomenon. Forty percent of hair loss sufferers are women, and the experience can be particularly devastating for them. Men having hair loss in midlife somewhat expect it and are usually still seen as attractive. But, for the 30+ million women in the U.S. who suffer the pain of hair loss, it’s a joltingly different experience.

For a woman, hair is a symbol of youth and an expression of beauty, confidence and personal style. In some cultures, hair even represents fertility. Female hair loss often robs women of security and self-esteem.

The trauma of hair loss motivates many women to spend lots of money, time and emotional investment on treatments that are ineffective. Female hair loss affects a woman’s social life and life with her spouse or partner. Career setbacks among women due to lack of self-confidence brought on by thinning or loss of hair are not unusual.

Whether female hair loss is the result of aging, hair damage, trauma, illness or genetics, the good news is there is a proven solution. It has swept the Dallas hair restoration market by storm and continues to turn out satisfied patients with beautiful, natural hair.

It’s called NeoGraft.

The NeoGraft device refines and defines the hair transplant process, achieving aesthetic results that can be easily duplicated. Over 18,000 hair transplants have been performed by Dallas NeoGraft in the last few years with exceptional results.

The product of 10 years of advanced research and development, the NeoGraft hair restoration and hair transplant program uses the most modern FUE (follicular unit extraction) method. NeoGraft involves no incisions, no cutting of the scalp, suturing or visible scarring. There is virtually no bleeding and almost immediate surgical recovery. Patients are often back to their regular daily activities the next day. NeoGraft is the preferred, minimally invasive Dallas hair restoration procedure.

Dallas NeoGraft and its team of experts have placed over two million grafts using the patented NeoGraft system, decreasing the time by 50 percent from standard female hair loss treatments. Other physicians trust the Dallas hair restoration team of Dallas NeoGraft to perform their personal hair transplant procedures.

It’s highly recommended that patients always ask about the credentials of the physician doing their hair transplant procedure. Ask how many of these procedures the physician has performed and whether they have a portfolio of before and after photos of their actual patients.