A NeoGraft Hair Transplant Gives You Great Hair and More

NeoGraft hair transplant is safe, minimally invasive, and leaves no lateral scars.

Hair. What a statement it can make, whether you have lots of it or none at all. Hair is a human feature that distinguishes how we’re perceived by others as well as ourselves.

Trends in hairstyles and haircuts motivate us to change our appearance or try something new. And for those who want more hair for whatever reason, there are real options to do something about it. A NeoGraft hair transplant will give you great hair and much more, such as confidence, greater self-esteem and for many people even a major career boost.

If you’re experiencing hair loss or hair thinning, you might feel self-conscious and less confident as a result. Popular opinion can also work against you.

According to a recent report, balding men (and women) are less likely to be selected for positions after job interviews than people with full heads of hair. An article published in Business Insider, says that 63% of men who report hair loss have had negative experiences in their career advancement. Which begs the question: “Why”?

Oddly, many people are not even aware that they have biases against bald or balding individuals. A possible explanation for this unwitting discrimination is that hair loss is often associated with aging. The youth obsessed culture we live in says signs of age can work against applicants (regardless of discrimination laws). People dealing with hair loss and balding share comments from their experiences:

  • “Hair loss was affecting my attitude and had an impact on my social life and my career.”
  • “My lack of self-confidence was becoming as glaring as my bald head.”
  • “I felt ashamed of how I looked with such thinning hair.”
  • “Losing my hair was a distraction and it kept me from doing the things I enjoyed.”
  • “My friends and family began to worry about me because I saw them so rarely and just stayed home feeling depressed about my hair loss.”

However, for individuals who have opted for the NeoGraft hair transplant, the experiences change dramatically:

  • “My interest for the great outdoors has returned. I’m traveling and meeting new friends.”
  • “Finally, I gained the confidence to say farewell to the corporate world and start my own business. I feel so empowered since my NeoGraft hair transplant.”
  • “I’ve had twice the job interviews than before my NeoGraft hair transplant. I don’t think it’s a coincidence.”
  • “After my NeoGraft hair transplant, I noticed how different the shape of my face looked. I liked the guy who was looking back at me in the mirror.”

The NeoGraftTM procedure is a patented system that refines the hair transplant process, achieving repeatable, aesthetic results. Dallas NeoGraft physicians have performed over 18,000 hair transplants with outstanding results. The procedure does not involve any incisions, suturing or visible scarring and surgical recovery is extremely quick. The process takes 50 percent less time than standard treatments for hair transplant surgery and most patients return to work the next day.