Hair Restoration with Dallas NeoGraft – No Pain with Much to Gain

Hair restoration at Dallas Neograft is designed to provide results and a comfortable experience.

While there are still a few naysayers on the subject of hair restoration, you will likely get a very opposing story from any of the smiling patients of Dallas NeoGraft.

The reason is simple. When a procedure has been perfected to the level of success Dallas NeoGraft has achieved, it’s a difficult point to argue. All you need to do is see the remarkable before and after images. These are people with real hair loss issues who made a decision to do something about it. And not just something but rather the best hair restoration procedure you can find—anywhere.

Ask any one of these handsomely coiffed people how much their hair restoration with Dallas NeoGraft has changed their life, career, marriage or social presence. And while you’re at it, ask them why they chose Dallas NeoGraft.

You’re likely to hear stories something like this:

  • “My enthusiasm for travel and the outdoors has returned!”
  • “People keep telling me how amazing my hair looks.”
  • “When I discovered how different I felt after my hair transplant surgery, I left the corporate world and began a career as a nurse.”
  • “My career has been on the upswing since my hair restoration procedure and I don’t think it’s a coincidence. I feel much more confident in job interviews and it must be showing.”
  • “After my hair transplant surgery, I noticed how the whole shape of my face looked different. I liked the guy looking back at me in the mirror.”
  • “My wife actually looks at me differently and even gives me a little smile sometimes that hasn’t been there for a long time.”
  • “When my husband and I attended his 10th High School Reunion his classmates were amazed. They kept asking him what his secret is for staying so young.”

The NeoGraft device refines and defines the hair transplant process, achieving aesthetic results that are easily duplicated. Over 18,000 hair transplants have been performed by Dallas NeoGraft in the last few years with exceptional results.

The product of 10 years of advanced research and development, the NeoGraft hair restoration and hair transplant program uses the most modern FUE (follicular unit extraction) method. NeoGraft involves no incisions, no cutting of the scalp, suturing or visible scarring. There is virtually no bleeding and almost immediate surgical recovery. Patients are often back to their regular daily activities the next day. NeoGraft is the preferred, minimally invasive Dallas hair restoration procedure.

 Dallas NeoGraft and its team of experts have placed over two million grafts using the patented NeoGraft system. Other physicians trust the Dallas hair restoration team of Dallas NeoGraft to perform their personal hair transplant procedures.

Virtually no pain with so much to gain: Dallas NeoGraft is a smart answer to hair restoration.