The Psychology of Hair and Hair Loss

For hundreds of generations, hair has been a symbol of wealth, beauty and status. People who followed the trends of the day were accepted and those who departed from the norms were often considered outsiders. Trends like these have made the psychology of hair and hair loss a significant and far-reaching topic.

From elaborate wigs considered signs of status and wealth to beautiful, exotic hair that was affiliated with royalty, worn like a crown, history has many stories to tell about hair.  Cleopatra was known for her beautiful black hair and white, curly wigs were a sign of wisdom, wealth and the ultimate sophisticate in colonial times.

Think about it from a biological perspective. Hair growth is seen as a sign of good health, virility and fertility. Lush tresses are thought sensual and seductive. So what happens when we enter midlife and experience hair loss? We associate it with failing health, aging and decreased virility.

The psychology of hair loss affects patients' day to day lives.

When we meet someone, one of the first impressions is their face and hair. When it comes to attraction of the opposite sex, the face is said to be more important than the body. Hair, height and weight are the main identifiers when describing others.

We all associate confidence with feeling in control and our hair is something we usually can control. We can cut, curl, color, style and do any number of things that make it our own look. Good hair gives the air of being organized and in charge and adds feelings of well-being.

The sad fact is that when we start to lose our hair, it affects confidence, self-esteem and our own perception of ourselves, be it real or imagined.

Fortunately, there is a solution for hair loss called NeoGraft hair transplantation. Using the Follicular Unit Extraction or (FUE) process, the non-invasive procedure is considered the ‘gold standard’ of hair transplants.

Don’t let hair loss whittle away at your self-esteem when you can take control with a proven procedure that gives you healthy, new hair – permanently.