If Being Bald Is Not What You Want – Here’s the Solution

Balding does have a solution.Unfortunately, the decision as to whether or not you’ll go bald is not up to you, but rather your genes. There’s not much you can do about it, unless you undergo a hair transplant. Not only can the procedure drastically change the appearance of your hair, it can enhance your confidence and people’s perception of your age and level of attractiveness.

In a recent study, balding men who underwent hair transplants were rated as more youthful, attractive, successful, and approachable—all of which can influence your workplace and social status. Men were perceived as being younger by about 3.5 years and more attractive by casual onlookers; as well as more successful in their careers and approachable in a social setting.

Why choose a hair transplant?

Probably the single most obvious reason is that hair transplants — since the advent of the NeoGraft process and the NeoGraft device — have proven thousands of times to balding men that it works – permanently.

Before and after of NeoGraft reducing a balding area.

It may surprise you to know that hair transplants were done as early as the 1930s, although it wasn’t until 1960 that hair transplants became a popular procedure. Sadly, many of these early procedures were ineffective and unnatural looking and as a result hair restoration developed a negative reputation. It took about 30 years for the best hair transplant procedure to emerge; a result of scientists and surgeons working to develop significant improvements to these early methods.

The 1990’s brought minimally-invasive, follicular unit transplantation (FUE) to the forefront and changed the industry forever. Hair restoration had finally become a viable, effective solution for balding men. The progression of further developments produced the NeoGraft device, whereby the intricate procedure of extracting hair follicles could save time and injury to the delicate follicle.

The NeoGraft process is the guarantee of a proven solution to balding. New hair — that is your own – is transplanted to balding areas of the scalp and continues to grow, producing a full, healthy head of hair.  The NeoGraft process is the most sought-after solution for permanent hair restoration in the world today.