When Is NeoGraft the Best of Your Hair Loss Treatment Options?

Man feeling the thinning hair on his scalp.

Two-thirds of American men and millions of women are affected by hair loss. It can elicit a tidal wave of psychological responses — from feelings of inadequacy to low self-confidence to social retreat and even depression. Fortunately, there are many hair loss treatment options available. 

If it is negatively affecting your quality of life or self-esteem, it’s time to take a look at what you can do to restore your hair — and your confidence. 

Hair Loss Treatment Options

When it comes to hair loss, there are many treatment options available. To choose the right treatment for you, you’ll want to consider many factors including cost, results, ease of use and your tolerance for invasive surgery.

  • Good hairpieces or wigs, for example, can give you a natural look, but they have to be washed, styled and eventually repaired or replaced. The best hairpieces are made from human hair, and you’ll have to purchase a new wig in order to change hairstyles, which can be very expensive.
  • Popular hair loss medications like Rogaine and Propecia are designed to encourage hair growth and are non-invasive, so you won’t have to undergo surgery. They are also relatively inexpensive, but you have to continue using them long-term. If you stop taking the medication, you may lose your results.
  • Hair transplants, such as like follicle unit transplant (FUT) and high-yield unit extraction (HUE) techniques, move hair from a donor section of the scalp to an area where you want to grow more hair. These processes enable you to regrow your own hair, but they do require surgery. Large strips of scalp must be removed to harvest hair follicles, which can cause visible linear scarring.
  • New options like platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatments use a patient’s own blood to stimulate hair growth. Blood is drawn and put into a centrifuge to separate platelets and plasma. The platelets, which contain several growth factors to help stimulate cell growth, are then injected back into the patient’s scalp.
  • New stem cell hair restoration techniques are also on the horizon. These treatments harvest adult-derived mesenchymal stem cells from the fat in a patient’s abdomen and inject them into the scalp. The idea is that dormant hair follicle cells will be stimulated to regenerate and begin regrowing hair. These treatments are still in the early stages and though they show promise, participation in early trials is expensive.
  • Natural treatments to stimulate hair growth — such as biotin, coconut oil and caffeine — have also seen a recent surge in popularity. Though these natural topical remedies are harmless, there is little scientific evidence of their effectiveness.

Why NeoGraft Is Unique

Neograft’s state-of-the-art follicular unit extraction (FUE) technology takes a completely different approach to hair restoration than other options. It enables you to regrow your hair naturally without invasive surgery or scalpels. Essentially, NeoGraft provides all of the benefits of traditional hair transplants without sedation, sutures or the risk of scarring.

NeoGraft uses gentle pneumatic pressure to extract hair follicles, one by one, from the donor area of the scalp rather than cutting away a large section of scalp to harvest follicles. The follicles are then transferred to areas where you want to regrow hair.

The NeoGraft device is calibrated for each patient’s scalp type, making the procedure virtually painless. Only a local anesthetic is required.

The procedure is quick — you’ll be in and out in just a few hours — and recovery is fast. Within four to six months, these transplanted follicles will begin to grow your own natural hair, which can be cut and styled just like the rest of your hair.

The cost of NeoGraft FUE is comparable to traditional hair transplant surgery, but the FUE technique is more effective at harvesting intact follicle cells than strip harvesting, which can damage follicles. With more follicles surviving the process — some 95% of hair follicles extracted with NeoGraft are undamaged — more hair coverage is possible.

Is NeoGraft the Best Hair Loss Treatment Option for Me?

The best hair loss treatment option for you is the one that makes you the most comfortable. Before choosing a treatment plan, it’s important to carefully consider all of the options.

The NeoGraft follicular transplant technique is an excellent choice for those who want for significant results without the invasiveness of traditional hair transplant surgery. The hair you grow will look natural because it is your real hair. And best of all, the results are permanent.

Want to learn more about how NeoGraft can help you regrow your hair and regain your confidence? Request a consultation with our team of hair restoration specialists at NeoGraft Dallas today.