Who Gets a Hair Transplant?

In case you think that only celebrities choose hair transplants (for obvious reasons), you would be mistaken. Ordinary men (and women) are among the thousands of people who choose hair over bare.

A hair transplant can be the hair loss solution for many patients.

A hair transplant can be the hair loss solution for many patients. A recent study shows that the top ten hair transplant patients by profession include business men; people from entertainment industry; professionals including accountants, engineers, lawyers; men in retirement; middle managers; IT specialists; sales professionals; tradesmen from different industries; teachers and lecturers; and students.

Obviously hair transplant is not limited to the well-known and celebrated. Instead, it has grown in popularity like any other treatment. Regardless of profession or life’s work, you want to look your best. And, since hair restoration procedures like FUE have proven successful among thousands of people around the globe, it has quickly become an accessible, safe, affordable option to hair loss.

Hair loss affects men and women of all age groups. In worst cases, the bald patches start to become visible in early 20s. It’s may feel disastrous, but no one is to blame except your genes. As time passes by, the patches get wider and wider, leading to partial or complete hair loss by the age of 40 or 50.

While the average age for hair transplant is 40 and above, a greater number of younger patients are opting for hair restoration. It reflects the increased pursuit among younger people to look their best well into their later years.

There are other kinds of hair growth products and procedures on the market such as Propecia and Rogaine, laser therapy and steroid injections. But one procedure has proved to be better and have lasting results — hair restoration. This procedure is commonly used for male pattern baldness which results in healthy hair growth in only a few months. And the best part is, your newly grown hair is there for life.