Will a Hair Transplant Help Thinning Hair?

Regardless of your age, if you have thinning hair or baldness, it can be frustrating. If genetics or illness is the cause it can be doubly unsettling. But you can change your circumstances once and for all. You can have a hair transplant.  NeoGraft, the latest hair restoration technology, can restore the full head of hair you once had. Thousands of people are testament to the success of NeoGraft.

Hair restoration can help those with thinning hair.NeoGraft hair restoration provides permanent, natural looking results without the drawbacks of invasive, traditional surgery. Now considered the gold standard in hair restoration, Neograft is a safe and proven procedure that restores thinning hair or balding areas.

Instead of a complicated surgery, surgeons use the specialized NeoGraft machine to relocate hair follicles in a gentle, consistent fashion. Each harvested hair follicle is precisely aligned and placed into the thinning area, positioned to follow the natural hair growth.

No stitches or sutures are required and only local anesthetic. Eliminating the unsightly donor scar that once plagued older methods, the donor area has only tiny marks that heal completely within days.

Advanced NeoGraft technology can manage larger areas of hair loss, for fast, more efficient results with less downtime and fewer treatments.

Don’t put up with thinning hair when you have a proven option that works – for life!