Coping with Hair Loss and What You Can Do About It

Coping with hair loss can be easier with the right support.

For some people, coping with hair loss is a lifelong battle and for others it comes as a jolting surprise. Knowing what to do about it can be overwhelming; especially if you believe everything you hear or read on the subject. Understanding the facts and knowing what your options are is a good place to start.

The composition of hair is 91 percent protein, which means your hair needs protein to grow. At any given time, about 90 percent of your hair is in the growing phase. For each individual hair, this growing phase lasts two to three years. Then hairs enter a resting phase that lasts about three months before they are shed and replaced by new hair. If you don’t get enough protein in your diet, an inconsistent number of hairs may go into the resting phase.

A typical scalp has about 120,000-150,000 strands of hair, and sheds about 50 to 100 strands each day. Most people don’t even notice that small amount. But if an unusually large number of hairs enter the resting phase at the same time, hair loss can become noticeable.

More than 95% of male hair loss is due to male-pattern baldness, a genetic trait that can come from either parent. In other cases, certain medications, having too much vitamin A, or not getting enough protein can cause hair to fall out. Dramatic shedding of hair can be caused by illness or stress.

Forty percent of hair loss sufferers are women, and the experience can be particularly devastating for them. For a woman, hair is a symbol of youth and an expression of beauty, confidence and personal style. In some cultures, hair even represents fertility. Female hair loss often robs women of security and self-esteem. The trauma of hair loss motivates many women to spend lots of money, time and emotional investment on treatments that are ineffective.

Once you fully understand the type of hair loss you have, which can only be determined by a physician or board certified dermatologist, you can then make an informed decision about a viable hair loss treatment.

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Understand your hair loss condition to know what your best hair loss treatment is. The hair transplant Dallas experts have the knowledge, skill and experience to help you solve your hair loss once and for all. What have you got to lose, except more hair?