Where Do Doctors Go for Hair Restoration?

Even doctors can need hair restoration.

Doctors go bald and struggle with hair loss issues just like anyone else. So when it comes to making the decision for hair restoration, where do they go?

Dallas NeoGraft can confidently speak to that question.

We understand that regardless of what your role or profession is in life, your hair restoration choice is personal. That’s why our hair restoration experts listen and work closely with each patient to achieve each individual’s goal and give back to them what nature forgot.

FUE is the safest and most widely used method of performing hair transplants using the revolutionary Neograft device. FUE has come a long way since it was first introduced in the early 1990’s. Because early adapters of the technique took hours to complete, and there were fewer grafts that could be safely removed each time, a faster, more effective process was needed. This prompted the development of the Neograft device.

Gentle pneumatic pressure is used to remove hair follicles with the NeoGraft device. This ensures the follicle will not be damaged or driven into the skin. The most important aspect of the procedure is in the expertise of the hair transplant surgeon.

There are comprehensive skills required for a successful hair transplant procedure and quality hair restoration can only come from an expert team led by an experienced hair transplant leader.

The extensive work the Dallas NeoGraft team has performed with the NeoGraft device has set a gold standard for most physicians in the U.S. Not only do they rely on training and guidance to learn about the NeoGraft process, they come to Dr. Malouf and his team to have their own hair transplants done.

“We have placed over one million grafts with the NeoGraft device  and it has proven to be a superior alternative to strip surgery. You must consider that the dexterity of the hands – as with many other procedures – offers a safe alternative to the conventional strip method.” Dr. Peter Malouf, Board Certified Dermatologist

Our certified NeoGraft technicians who support the hair transplant surgeons undergo stringent training and testing before assisting with an actual hair transplant procedure. They are not only highly skilled technicians, they are also compassionate, caring professionals who put their patients’ best interest first and foremost – a philosophy that physicians adhere to, understand and seek in their own personal treatments.

Because NeoGraft hair restoration is a transformative experience, having a healthy, full head of hair is only part of the overall end result. Confidence and a happier outlook are added benefits that anyone from any profession can fully realize and appreciate.