How Should I Take Care of My Hair Transplant?

Following your hair transplant procedure, you will notice tenderness on your scalp and may need pain medication for a few days. It’s normal to have your scalp bandaged for at least one or two days. An antibiotic may be prescribed or a drug to combat inflammation. Getting back to work usually takes no more than a few days after your hair transplant.

hair transplant care

Take care not to get in the sun too soon.  You can disturb the newly implanted hair follicles if you get overexposed. If you do go out, wear sunscreen. Keep your head covered as well during the healing process.

A few weeks following your procedure, your newly transplanted hair will fall out. This perfectly normal so don’t fret. You’ll notice new growth in about eight months. There’s no question that you must be patient.

The donor site, which is usually the back of the neck, does not grow back. You won’t miss it though because the surgeon has removed hair follicles from the area that is most dense. In fact, you will barely notice any difference.

It’s best not to shampoo your hair right after surgery. Waiting two or three days is recommended. Shampoo has been known to cause irritation at the graft site which could delay healing.

When you finally get to shampoo, use something gentle like a baby shampoo.  Allow your hair to dry naturally without a hair dryer for the first time or two.  You could burn the area around the graft if you use a hair dryer. No hair dye or chemicals should be used for at least three weeks after the procedure.

Get a hair trim before your surgery but don’t have it cut too short, as you will need to wait until the area has healed sufficiently to get another cut. It’s recommended waiting about three weeks after the surgery for a haircut.

Styling may need some thought. Take a look at the before and after photos of patients who have undergone surgery. And remember, be patient. The end results are well worth the wait.