Is Age 65 Too Old for Hair Transplants?

If you’re an age 65+ man considering a hair transplant, there are several things to talk over with your hair restoration physician.  If you think you’re too old for a hair transplant, you might be surprised.

If you think you're too old for a hair transplant, you might be surprised.The important goal is to provide a result that is appropriate to your age. It would be a mistake to try to look 20 years old again at 65. The end result is for your hair to look and be natural, so discuss your goals with your doctor up front.

A singular factor is how much hair is available in your donor site. If hair is limited in the donor site it will diminish what you need in the balding areas. For many mature men, hair transplants may be needed only once.  Others may need more than one transplant.

A reasonable goal is to restore the front hairline and provide grafts behind the actual hairline for some fullness.

If you have a medical condition it must be considered before a hair transplant. Seldom is there any serious risk, but the overall condition must be understood.

Hair transplant surgeons are fully trained physicians who know how to evaluate your condition and get the necessary consultation from specialists. It is also important for you to tell your hair specialist surgeon all medications you’re currently taking or have recently taken.

The degree of your hair loss, the amount and quality of available donor hair, and anticipated future hair loss are all valid points to discuss with your hair restoration specialist to establish achievable, realistic goals. Ask all the right questions to get solid answers. This is an investment that can generate long term benefits.