Is Hair Restoration Worth the Investment?

Is hair restoration worth the money? We think it's an investment in your sense of self-worth.

When it comes to making the decision to invest in hair restoration, there are more important considerations than cost. For instance, how hair loss or balding affects you emotionally, socially and career-wise may be more important to you than the cost. While hair restoration is, indeed, a monetary investment, it is equally, an investment in self-worth.

Traditional hair restoration requires surgery that involves hair follicles being removed from the back and/or sides of your head and transplanted to areas where hair loss is occurring. It is performed under local anesthesia and takes about 8 hours to perform.

But what if you could have your hair restoration procedure done with no surgery, no sutures, and a minimally invasive process that takes less than half the time of a traditional procedure?

It’s called NeoGraftTM, a hair transplant system that offers the newest hair restoration method available today. Patients who have undergone the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) procedure with NeoGraft report fast recovery, minimal discomfort and affordable cost. Other value-added advantages include:

  • Less restrictions following treatment
  • Recovery time of about 24 hours
  • NeoGraft transplants twice as many hair grafts as manual FUE
  • No scar, even when hair is worn short
  • No numbness in areas of donor hair grafts
  • No stitches or staples
  • NeoGraft can also transplant other body hair, eyebrows and scar revisions from previous transplants
  • Less risk of complications

Here’s what just a few happy patients have to say following their NeoGraft hair restoration:

  • “I’m more interested in going out with friends and family because I feel good about me.”
  • “I was so relieved that there was so little discomfort in the procedure. I barely felt a thing.”
  • “It was sort of like a whole new me. I even changed careers which was a good thing.”
  • “Soon after my hair restoration, I went on a scuba diving trip to Tahiti where I met this beautiful diving instructor. Two days later we got married.”
  • “After my hair restoration, a few people didn’t recognize me at first. That was a surprise to both of us – a good surprise.”

Because hair restoration is an investment on many levels, probably the most foolproof way to decide on who does the procedure is to focus on expertise.

Dallas NeoGraft and its team of experts have placed over two million grafts using the patented NeoGraft system. In fact, other physicians trust the Dallas hair restoration team of Dallas NeoGraft to perform their personal hair transplant procedures.

Regardless of who performs your hair restoration, always ask about the credentials of the physician doing the hair transplant procedure. Ask how many procedures they have performed and request seeing a portfolio of before and after photos of their actual patients.