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Will a Hair Transplant Help Thinning Hair?

You can undergo hair restoration treatment at any age. Regardless of your age, if you have thinning hair or baldness, it can be frustrating. If genetics or illness is the cause it can be doubly unsettling. But you can change your circumstances once and for all. You can have a hair transplant.  NeoGraft, the latest hair restoration technology, can restore the full head of... Continue Reading

What Causes Sudden Hair Loss in Young Women?

Alopecia can cause sudden hair loss in young women. Sudden hair loss in young women simply means that they are losing more hair than usual. Normally, a strand of hair grows approximately 1/4 of inch per month and continues growing for about six years. Then the hair falls out and another grows in its place. Generally, hair loss or thinning is believed to affect... Continue Reading

My Hair Loss Reminds Me of Grandma.

Genetics play a large role in hair loss. How sad is that? And I’m only 35 years old. Thanks a lot, Grandma. Genetics are the main reason people lose their hair. It’s a hand we would rather not have been dealt, but what’s to be done? Actually, plenty. My grandmother was one of my favorite people in the world, but her hair loss... Continue Reading

Who Gets a Hair Transplant?

NeoGraft hair transplant is safe, minimally invasive, and leaves no lateral scars. In case you think that only celebrities choose hair transplants (for obvious reasons), you would be mistaken. Ordinary men (and women) are among the thousands of people who choose hair over bare. A hair transplant can be the hair loss solution for many patients. A recent study shows that the top ten hair transplant patients... Continue Reading