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Hair Loss Due to Cancer Treatments.

Hair loss due to cancer is a side effect that can be fought. Hair loss can be one of the most difficult side effects of cancer treatments to deal with for both women and men. Hair loss occurs because many cancer treatments affect cancer cells and normal cells. This includes the cells that make hair grow. Hair loss from cancer treatment is most often not permanent. Hair loss... Continue Reading

Hair Restoration Happens at Any Age

You can undergo hair restoration treatment at any age. Never mind the ear muffs, toboggan caps and crazy skier’s head gear. What you really want to stay warm this winter is more hair. You’re not alone. And age has little to do with it. Hair loss can start at any age. And the good news is – so can hair restoration. It’s not a... Continue Reading

Dallas NeoGraft Gives You Hair Restoration Options

Be sure to consider your hair restoration options to choose which procedure is right for you. Not all men in the age 35 category who start losing their hair are happy about it. Sure the clean-shaven, bald look is a popular trend, but if you happen to be one of the many who don’t embrace the style, then you are probably considering other hair restoration options. While it’s thought to be... Continue Reading

Dallas NeoGraft Gives Back What Nature Forgot

Dallas NeoGraft puts our patients hair and comfort first. Sometimes it may seem like everyone except you got blessed with brains, beauty and/or brawn. That’s the stigma that comes with hair loss and balding. Millions of people, men and women, face each day with the emotional drag and confidence-eroding fact that they are losing their hair. Relationships can falter. Careers often waiver or nose-dive.... Continue Reading