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Hair Loss Treatment Options: What Really Works?

Always fully research your chosen hair loss treatment. While eating nutritional, protein-rich foods and healthy fats can give your hair a thicker, shinier look, it won’t bring back the hair you have lost. However, being mindful of your diet and vitamin intake does matter. If you skimp on the B vitamins in particular, it can interfere with the formation of hair cells and... Continue Reading

Does Anyone Really Want to Go Bald?

For many, it's not a choice to go bald. Given a choice, most people probably would not choose balding. But for the 80% of balding people who have the balding gene, there’s little choice on whether or not to go bald. All too often people come up with their own theories about why they’re losing their hair. They aren’t eating right. Their hair follicles... Continue Reading

Hair Restoration — for Life

NeoGraft offers permanent hair restoration for life. While there are any number of purported non-surgical hair restoration solutions and countless creams, oils, supplements and such that promise new hair growth, the bottom line is: Have you grown new hair? And if you have, how long has it lasted? Very few treatment options can give you hair restoration for life. Over the years,... Continue Reading

How Does a NeoGraft Procedure Work?

We explain how neograft procedures work. To fully understand the NeoGraft procedure, let’s take a look at the history of its origin. Hair transplantation surgery began in 1939 when Japanese dermatologist Dr. Okuda first documented his surgical attempts to restore hair in burn victims. Dr. Okuda used a “punch technique” to extract sections of hair-bearing skin, which were then implanted into... Continue Reading

Who Gets a Hair Transplant?

NeoGraft hair transplant is safe, minimally invasive, and leaves no lateral scars. In case you think that only celebrities choose hair transplants (for obvious reasons), you would be mistaken. Ordinary men (and women) are among the thousands of people who choose hair over bare. A hair transplant can be the hair loss solution for many patients. A recent study shows that the top ten hair transplant patients... Continue Reading